"Happy New Year" Film Poster
"Happy New Year" posterHappy New Year Movie/Twitter

Along with Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan too has turned pirate with her "Happy New Year" team.

The actor and the director of the film, Farah, took to Twitter to reveal their pirate avatar.

Shah Rukh was announced as the brand ambassador of Interpol's global campaign 'Turn Back Crime' and to congratulate the actor, Farah revealed his pirate look on social networking site.

In the trailer of "Happy New Year", released on 14 August worldwide, Shah Rukh has sported several looks.

His golden hair streak, which was the talk of the town last year, is revealed in the first scene of the trailer. In one of the scenes, SRK is seen sporting sexy stubble look, while in the other with a  clean-shaved face.

But there is one look, which has managed to be in the limelight and that is his blonde wig with blue eyes look. And now, the actor has revealed his new avatar.

With these several avatars in one film, SRK has again proved that he can carry any looks with ease.

Moving on, the trailer of the film has created history globally by reaching out to more than 7 crore people. The trailer was launched in a grand ceremony in Mumbai and in a very unique way.

Shah Rukh certainly knows how to connect with audience and hence he released the trailer on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

According to Red Chillies, the production team of "Happy New Year", the film has reached more than 7 crore people worldwide with the help of social media including Facebook and Twitter among others.