Happy, Hardy, Heer
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Director: Raka
Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Sonia Mann, Manmeet Singh, Naresh Suri

Happy, Hardy and Heer

After a long hiatus, Himesh Reshammiya is back in a film which has Himesh, Himesh and more of Himesh. He has produced, acted, composed in Happy Hardy Heer. The two hours and fifteen minutes film is full of drama, romance, action and emotions. The first half is stretched and makes the narrative lengthy by introducing the nuances of Himesh's double role. Had it not been for the location the film would have been unbearable to even sit for a minute. The second half is dramatic but when Himesh comes face-to-face with Himesh, it becomes terrible as the narrative gets stuck there. We wonder why was there an interval.


The story begins with childhood buddies, Happy (Himesh Reshammiya) and Heer (Sonia Mann). He's coined as a 'loser' and she's 'bheja fry'. Happy happily, mocks himself for being a loser in life, be it personally or professionally and takes all the criticism like a pinch of salt. While Heer keeps bashing people for petty reasons. Happy the loser doesn't earn a penny and stays with his maternal uncle and aunty. However, he loves Heer since childhood but is tongue-tied. He decides to confess his feelings to her once he achieves something in life. Happy's life is not as easy. There comes Hardy, (Himesh again), he is rich, good looking, has well-toned abs, posh cars and speaks fluent English, perfect in all sense. Heer and Hardy fall in love (Predictable) Heer always wanted an achiever in her life. What happens to Happy's feelings does Happy the loser get Heer or she chooses the overachiever Hardy? No points for guessing!


Talking about the acting, dancing, singing and composing skills of Himesh Reshammiya, he is back and how. His double role as Happy and Heer is pretty contrast and the way Himesh has pulled off both the roles is commendable. The turban-clad guy Happy is humourous and Himesh does it well. He makes us laugh in bits and pieces with his jovial screen presence and lights up intense dramatic moments on screen. As Hardy, Himesh looks super hot and the stud look on his face is worth watching! Either way, we are dealing with HR.

Soniya Mann, the newbie has very little to do as the screen presence is hogged by HR to the core. However meaty enough she isn't a good actor and her expression is the same throughout the film.

The supporting cast has done a commendable job. We are happy that the film has other actors too apart from HR! I thought Himesh will be essaying the role of supporting cast as well.


The only good part about the film that it is shot in breathtaking locales of Manchester United, London and in Punjab. The songs are soothing to our ears. Ranu Mondal's debut track 'Teri Meri' is the highlight of the film. The remix of Aashique Teri' is a foot-tapping song and us reminisce the good old days when we grooved to the original track. Himesh, has given chance to Arijit Singh in his film (Lucky Arijit) Penned by Vishal Mishra, and sung by Arijit Singh 'Heeriye' a romantic ballet will tuck the strings of your heart.


The weak storyline and slow narrative makes it a lousy film.


Unless you are a Himesh Reshammiya fan, this movie isn't worth giving your time.