Himesh Reshammiya, Rakhi Sawant, Vijay Mallya

Let's take a look some of the most unexpected and surprising celebrities on the show.

Himmesh Reshammiya: While the success of Himmesh Reshammiya was nothing less than the success of an underdog, him being invited to the show did raise some eyeballs. Himself himself spoke about how many industry people made fun of him behind his back and how many of them went to the movies just to laugh at him. Being his honest self, Himesh also had said that he had never tried to hide about his marriage but had only spoken about it when asked.

Rakhi Sawant: "Jo doctor nahi deta hai vo bhagwan deta hai!" Rakhi Sawant on Koffee with Karan was an unexpected choice but nothing had prepared us for the high-on entertainment powerhouse that Rakhi was on the episode. From dissing industry people to being candid about going under the knife, Rakhi spilled the beans on many of the secrets kept well hidden by the industry people. And, at the end, we could only thank Karan Johar for bringing her onto the show.

Vijay Mallaya: It was surprising to see one of the most successful industrialists (back then!) Vijay Mallya on Koffee with Karan. Vijay Mallya spoke about his success, wine, flamboyant image and women on the show and it couldn't have been more candid.

Carol Gracias: Well, we weren't expecting much from Carol Gracias on the show and she didn't have much to offer as well. Carol's elite, educated self was overshadowed by Rakhi's inherent desi charm and attitude.

Richard Gere: Richard Gere was the first and the only Hollywood star on the show. However, fans weren't impressed by Gere. Talking about the low ratings the episode got, K Jo had said, "My lowest rated show was with Richard Gere and I now know that no wants to see Hollywood stars."