Dharma production's head honcho Karan Johar is known for his style and charisma. Whether it is his films or his personal life, he loves drama. You can love him or late him but can't ignore him. From colourful and grandeur sets to the richness in the locations and costumes, everything with Karan is over the top, overpriced and dramatic. His sartorial choices also reflect his love for everything extra. Apart from his film, in real life too the director-actor is stylish and carries his own style with great panache. There is never a dull day with him as he is always in vogue.

On the occasion of Karan Johar's birthday, here are a few expensive items from Karan Johar's wardrobe that scream super extra and can put Bollywood divas to shame.

karan johar

Take a look.

His fetish for blazers and hoodies.

This military cat embellished jacket costs Rs. 1,10,898.  While most of his T-shirts are of Rs.71,255  to Rs. 14, 51,648. Some of his jackets even cost Rs. 1,12,173.


This one of a kind space inspired jacket costs around Rs. 1,37,280. While these outfits cost Karan a whopping Rs.1,80,000 to Rs. 1,58,530.


Most of his quirky looking outfits are of Rs 1,27,411. His airport looks which are always in vogue are pretty expensive that cost around Rs. 1,59, 616 to Rs. 3,26,320 and some are of Rs. 2,58, 701.

karan johar

The total cost of Karan Johar's closet can fund your international trip! Isn't it?

During the lockdown, Karan Johar started a new series at home called 'Lockdown with the Johar's',  that featured a new Instagram video every day that follows Karan Johar's kids, Yash and Roohi and sometimes his mother.

In the video we could often see, these two munchkins being brutally honest with his clothes and jackets. The kids often got into Karan Johar's enormous closet and counter his fashion choices, along with forbidding him to wear Gucci. 

Check out some of his funny videos where his kids are ripping his fashion sense.

 We totally love his sassy and sexy avatar and no one better than him can pull off such flashy outfits at this age.

 International Business Times India wishes Karan Johar a very happy birthday!