After so many days in lockdown, there's no doubt many of us need some grooming. Maybe we'd benefit from a haircut but parlours remain shut, so a couple of people are being innovative about their haircuts. While the others gain some courage to take matters into their own hands, the suggestions are rolling in. 

Karan Johar posted a new video of his kids in lockdown. This time young Yash Johar has some advice on grooming, and quite a unique suggestion as well. 

Karan Johar and his kids
@karanjohar on Instagram

Yash Johar's grooming tips

This lockdown has left us with few options when it comes to beauty. Going au naturel is not everybody's cup of tea though. We've seen Bollywood celebrities getting their hair cut in quarantine, beauty we suppose waits for nobody. Alia Bhatt shared her latest look, Anushka Sharma gave her husband Virat a haircut. So now it seems like haircuts are not so inaccessible.

Karan Johar too seems to have been contemplating a haircut. However, he needed a second opinion and he asked for one from his son. Yash Johar had an interesting take on haircuts. The internet isn't able to resist the charm of the young kid. But his advice doesn't seem to be all that tried and tested as Karan Johar captioned the video, "My son has suggested a unique way of cutting hair! Please don't try this at home!" 

This lockdown has given us huge insight into what goes on in the Johar household thanks to Karan Johar's videos of his kids. We wonder if Karan Johar will be appearing next time on Instagram with a new haircut. That's bound to be interesting.