Brett Dalton, best known as Agent Grant Ward on Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD", celebrates his birthday today.

Dalton's character, Ward, is perhaps one of the most popular from the show. He has been with "SHIELD" since Season 1, and even though his role has changed significantly over the seasons, he is still an all-time favourite with fans.

The 34-year-old actor's other works include 2014 movie "Beside Still Waters" and portrayal of Robert Todd Lincoln in the television film "Killing Lincoln."

Dalton has also guest-starred in "Nurses," "Blue Bloods," and "Army Wives." He will next be seen in the upcoming movie "The Tourist".

In the mid-season finale of Season 3, Ward was killed by Coulson and his fate was left unknown. However, his body was inhabited by a mysterious alienc,e and hence, his return is sure when the show comes back in March.

"Agents of SHIELD" is known for coming up with utter surprises and shocking turns. Therefore, it is never certain with the show when the story takes a significant twist.

Ward turned into an antagonist at the end of Season 1, and since then his villainy has increased both in terms of brutality and goriness. He has been revealed as a merciless assassin in the subsequent seasons.

Hence, given that now he is possessed by an alien with supernatural powers, there is a significant possibility that he would be the centre of the plot in the second part of Season 3.

Though there has been no official confirmation on this from either the producers or creators, it would be interesting to see Ward becoming the main antagonist of the season.

Since several other characters have known him for so long, including Coulson (Clark Gregg), Mae Ming-Na Wen), and Daisy (Chloe Bennet), it will be nothing less than a spectacle when they face him.