American sitcom Parks and Recreation had given birth to many kinds of ideas as well as actors such as Adam Scott, Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler. But today, since Scott turns 48, let us dedicate this piece to him. Not that we need a day to talk about the best on-screen boyfriends, American television had to offer till now, but now that we have, we will make the most of it. 

Adam Scott

Ben Wyatt did not have a very significant entrance in Parks and Recreations as much as his colleagues, however, with times we learned to love and grow old with Ben as he became Leslie's supportive colleague, to secret boyfriend to a loving husband. 

Unlike other television characters, Ben may not have the ability to do grand gestures to express his love for the woman. But he knew well that when a man insults Leslie, he would punch his face instinctively without being told by the woman. It's not that he was violent in nature, but if anyone dared to cross him he knew how to earn his respect back. 

When you are in the company of Ben, you wouldn't expect a private jet to carry an 'I love you' message in the air, you may not expect a grand proposal at Disneyland, nevertheless, Ben knew how to be a strong, emotional support to his friends, family members and close colleagues who eventually become a strong emotional support system in your personal life. 

Adam Scott

Unlike his colleague, the ever-so-polite, handsome, fitness freak Chris Traeger, Ben did not have any such outstanding qualities, that could be described in one word. He had his obsessions with games, analysis, however, he had been one of the characters you would watch with interest instead of giving him a label. 

Unlike Chris Traeger, you do not immediately develop a crush on Ben, since he takes time to build a connection with the people around him. It is only after several episodes when you learn that Ben is a real gentleman. In a world where most women are told to swoon over men with abs and good looks, let us be thankful to the writers of Parks and Recreations and Adam Scott for glorifying the idea of manhood in the right sense.