Suhana Khan at Taj Mahal
Suhana Khan at Taj MahalInstagram Fan Page

Suhana Khan who was spotted at Taj Mahal a few days back. She was accompanied by her school friends from London and mom Gauri Khan. Later, Gauri shared some photos of their visit on her Instagram handle. Suhana and her friends posed in front of the iconic monument, Taj Mahal.  

A Day trip to one of India’s most celebrated structures.. The Taj Mahal...

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In one of the pictures posted by Gauri Khan, which showed Suhana and friends, the Jr. Khan looked pretty in a white georgette kurti with blue floral prints and a white crochet neckline which she paired it with denim. But here's a fun fact — Gauri Khan wore the same kurti back in 2013 when she visited Hrithik Roshan post his brain surgery. But, we are not complaining because Gauri's kurti fits Suhana beautifully.

Gauri khan
Gauri Khan 2013Instagram Fan Page
Gauri Khan at the Hello! Hall Of Fame award function was asked what she is most excited about and she said: "Suhana will be shooting for a magazine, I don't want to reveal the name and that's the most exciting thing I am looking forward to."
Shah Rukh Khan had said: "They are not movie stars. They just happened to be a movie star's children. And I think they are very respectful and they are very decent. When they come out with me I make sure that they stand and do a picture because I know it's meant to be important. I request that if you see them publicly... don't assume they'll be able to handle media like I do. They get awkward. Secondly, they come out publicly doesn't mean they want to be actors. Don't assume they will be able to handle the media like I do... They get awkward" said the superstar in a media interaction.

When Glossy magazine quizzed king Khan about Suhana's acting dreams, he said, "I have a strong take. I'd like her to be on the cover of magazines like all my heroines are, wear any kind of clothes she wants to wear and look sexy and beautiful. I want her to feel attractive, beautiful and respected, and more importantly, I want her to work hard. There are days when I feel down—the only reason I get up and go to work is when I think of her. I have only one mandate where she's concerned: she can act, but she has to study first."