Move over Kim Kardashian, there is another star in the law game now. Reportedly, Halsey is studying for the bar exam.

The singer, posted a series of photos demonstrating how she had been spending her time in self-isolation. Apparently, she also included a photo of a Constitutional Law book.

The photo seemed to grab some attention as it seemed out of place in Halsey's slideshow of bikini and food images, prompting one fan to ask her why she had been reading the book. 'I'm studying for the bar exam!' she replied. 

HalseyHalsey Offical Instagram (iamhalsey)

Halsey already has a very successful career as a singer. Perhaps, law would have been the career she would have chosen if music hadn't worked out.

It seems like the quarantine has made many celebrities reflect on their true potential. And perhaps the amount of free time they have during a global pandemic makes them think that they can manage multiple careers at the same time.

Hopefully, they will be able to continue their quest for higher learning once the quarantine is lifted and their celebrity schedule catches up with them. 


Kim Kardashian has been trying to become a lawyer for quite a while now. But it doesn't t seem like she is completely ready to commit to it yet.

Halsey has shown some social awareness in the past and she seems interested in politics, but a passing interest and a career are two different things. Either way, we wish her well.