Halo Wars 2
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It now seems that the highly-anticipated strategy adventure game Halo Wars 2 will be made available, for those who wants to play on PCs, physically rather than in the digital format. Halo Wars 2 would be made available in the form of physical discs.

As per new official information, Halo Wars 2, applicable to Microsoft Windows 10 PCs would be made available in the form of 4 physical discs. Gamers should also insist on a customised code, during purchase, to play the game after the installation is complete.

Halo Wars 2 is set to be released on February 21 2017. The USP of the physical version of the game would be its Xbox Play Anywhere feature which makes it possible for Xbox One owners to check out the game.

Upon its release on February 21, both the Ultimate as well as Standard editions of Halo Wars 2 would be available for purchase even in brick-and-mortar retail stores across the world.

"For fans who love to own the box, we're excited to partner with THQ Nordic and bring Halo Wars 2 to physical release on Windows 10", said Dan Ayoub, the Industries Studio Head of Strategy Games Development at 343 Industries.

Finally, buyers of the Halo 2 Ultimate Edition would also get an exclusive Season Pass to unlock future downloadable content (DLCs) relatively early.

"Being able to deliver such a big franchise to RTS and Halo fans alike, the opportunity to buy and own this game in a beautiful physical shape is something we appreciate a lot", stated Lars Wingefors, founder & Group CEO at THQ Nordic (distributors of Halo Wars 2 on Windows 10).