• Weird Halloween Costumes
    This woman drew a face on the side of her head                                                                                                      Reuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A pet owner hold his dog while posing for photographers during the HalloweenReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A person dressed up in an eyeball costume plays the trumpetReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A dog dressed in a spider costumeReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A man in a ballerina costume dances in Times Square, New York during HalloweenReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A couple dressed for halloweenReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    People dressed in a weird Halloween costumesReuters
  • Weird Halloween Costumes
    A Dog participates in the annual Halloween dog paradeReuters

Halloween is on its way, and it is time to give some thought on what one wear on 31 October. 

Halloween is on the last day of the month as usual, and not on Friday the 13th, as claimed by a recent hoax on social media.

You might want to paint a second face on the side of your head to look scary, or you might want to make it look like an eyeball is popping out; whichever way everybody needs unique ideas to look different each year.

Here are a few costume ideas, which can make you look out of this world... like literally.

"Frozen" themed costumes

Disney has given a lot of options to make you look perfect this Halloween. Make yourself look like Elsa, Anna or Olaf because the "Frozen" characters will add charm and excitement to the day.

"Game of Thrones"

Most of the stores have wide collections of "Game of Thrones" characters' costumes. The trending show will be one of the best selections for this Halloween.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The world has been following this viral challenge this year, so why not use it this Halloween? It is easy to carry around a bucket with fake falling ice cubes and wear ALS T-shirts, which are easily available in the stores.

Pop Culture Witch

Without a witch, Halloween will be incomplete. Get the look of the classic witches of "The Wizard of Oz" or "Hocus Pocus". One can also add scary looks by being the horror doll "Annabelle".

iPhone 6

Technology freaks can make themselves an iPhone 6 costume, which will be perfect fit for Halloween this year.

Check out the slideshow for some weird Halloween costumes of recent years.