Halloween 2014
Halloween 2014 to Fall on Friday The 13th?Facebook

Halloween 2014 is here, and so are spooky costume ideas and ghosts stories. But this year, along with them, there are spooky rumours as well, including the one which claimed that Halloween 2014 falls on "Friday the 13th."

The rumour started on Facebook, when a photo stating a spooky fact, "2014 is the First Year in 666 years that Halloween Falls on a Friday the 13th", went viral.

Several people believed that this year Halloween actually falls on the unluckiest day and shared the photo on Facebook as well as Twitter.

However, the report is not true. Halloween, which is also called Allhalloween, falls on 31 October and not 13 October. Halloween will take place on Friday (31 October) this year.

And also it's not the first time in 666 years that it will fall on a Friday.

"Basically, this is a gullibility joke that plays on the idea of the reader's failing to make the connection that a holiday observed on the fixed date of October 31 could not possibly ever have fallen on the 13th day of the month (Friday or otherwise)," explained a post from hoax-debunking website Snopes.com.

"The mention of "666 years" since the last supposed occurrence of that phenomenon is a reference to the number famously cited as the "Number of the Beast" described in the New Testament's Book of Revelation, and of course the selection of Friday the 13th is a nod to the calendar date traditionally considered to be an especially unlucky one in western superstition," the website further explained why "666 years" is mentioned in the image.

Although, it's is a known fact that the festival is celebrated annually on 31 October, several people still believed that the rumour is true.

"Spooky fact: 2014 is the first year in 666 years that Halloween falls on Friday the 13th," a user tweeted. This tweet was retweeted more than 2,500 times.

"This year will be the first time Halloween has been on Friday the 13th in 666 years," another user tweeted.

"And this Halloween is the 666th Halloween to fall under Friday the 13th. It's a special occasion."

"Wtf Halloween is on Friday the 13th What."