symbolic mask of the hacktivist group Anonymous
symbolic mask of the hacktivist group AnonymousReuters

Internationally notorious hacker group Anonymous has claimed to have leaked 13,000 username and passwords of several internationally famous websites. In a tweet, Anonymous mentioned the name of the hacked websites.

They have also posted the file link where the detailed list of usernames and password combinations were archived. The list contains a large number of user details along with their passwords, including credit card details.

The hacked website list contains several important websites, including e-commerce giants like Amazon, Hulu and Walmart, gaming networks like XBOX Live and PlayStation Network and, famous online gaming platforms like The Sims 3, Dragon Age Origin and a huge list of popular porn websites including Brazzers and Playboy. Following is the list of some important sites mentioned in the file:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • PlayStation Network
  • Xbox Live
  • Hulu Plus
  • Dell

The Daily Dot has mentioned in a report that the Hacker's might not have compromised the entire databases of those sites, rather they retrieved the user information by installing some bots and malware on the users device, hence all users from these networks should change their user information including passwords as soon as possible and should start monitoring their credit cards to get away from any major setback.

The group has also tweeted mentioning the download link of the movie "The Interview" over the internet. Renamed as Kernel dot mp4, the posted video link refers to a file sized at 2.05GB. They have also asserted in an older tweet, "When you're a pirate, everything is free."

Days ago, a hacker group naming Lizard Squad had closed down two most popular gaming networks Xbox Live and Playstation network. Another hacker group compromised Hollywood Movie company Sony Pictures Entertainment and stolen piles of confidential documents and spread over the internet through file sharing networks.