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Director Praveen Sattaru's "Guntur Talkies" has bagged mixed reviews and average ratings from the critics, who seem to be upset with the adult comedy and dialogues featured in the film.

Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) are small-time crooks, who earn a livelihood through pick pocketing. Once, they decide to rob a huge amount money and settle down in life. They rob off Rs 5 lakh and run away from the village. But hell breaks loose, when two dreaded dons, Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das) start chasing them. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The critics Praveen Sattaru has written a fresh story on an interesting subject, but the way he has executed it on screen is not appealing to many film goers. The first half of the movie has nothing to offer in terms of story as the actual story begins post the interval. The second half is engaging, but it will impress a certain section of the audience.

Naresh, Siddhu and Mahesh Manjrekar have delivered superb performances, which are among the biggest assets of the film. Shraddha Das' acting, Rashmi's glamour, few comedy scenes, double meaning dialogues, music and picturisation are other highlights of the movie. The bad execution of a good subject on screen is the drawback of the movie.

"Guntur Talkies" has been rated an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Continue to read some critics' verdict and ratings in the 'Guntur Talkies' review roundup:

IdleBrain Ratings: A

Guntur Talkies is probably the only Telugu film that deserves to get A certificate in true sense. This film reeks crime, sex and expletives. It's daring step for Praveen Sattaru for making a film like Guntur Talkies immediately after directing the national award winning Chandamama Kathalu. He is one such director who doesn't care for how a film would be received and ends up doing it the way he wants. This film will surely draw flak from regular movie goers for it's content. It's a kind of film one wouldn't acknowledge either watching it or liking it. On a whole, Guntur Talkies is a daringly different film that appeals to a different set of crowds!!

India Glitz Rating: 2.3

A done-to-death idiom, all that Guntur Talkies has to offer are doses of over-indulgent doubles entendres.

The Times of India Ratings: 3

The film's got an 'A' certificate as the director chose to retain what goes with his storyline. That content apart, everything else practically is a laugh riot, especially in the second half of the film.

AP Herald Ratings: 2

The movie already bagged 'A' from censor board and as expected it is a clear cut Adult comedy. However the movie has its moments in second half. Reshmi Gautam's glamour is the biggest positive factor and next to Reshmi is Shraddha das. She looks completely different as Revolver Rani. Lakshmi Manchu too did well. However this movie is not suited for family audience.

123Telugu Ratings: 2.75

Guntur Talkies fails to live up to all its expectations and hype. Even though the film was promoted to be a new age crime comedy, the execution is quite ordinary and routine. Except for the superb performance by Naresh and sensuous avatars of Rashmi and Shraddha Das, this film has nothing much interesting to offer and ends up as just an ok watch this weekend.