Renowned Bollywood actor Gulshan Devaiah is known for his roles in Shaitan, Hate Story and Hunterrr. The actor has carved a niche for himself. From fans to critics his work is appreciated by everyone. The actor never shies away from voting his thoughts and is quite vocal about his views on current affairs. 

Last week the actor grabbed headlines when he took a jibe at Vijay Devarakonda's viral video. He later apologised to his cousin Anand after he snapped at Gulshan for commenting on Vijay. However, Gulshan was gentleman enough to apologise and also opened up about the reason why he commented on Vijay's viral 'Benevolent Dictator' video.

In an exclusive chat with IBTimes actor Gulshan Devaiah explained his point of view and shared why he made that particular comment to Vijay Devarakonda, Gulshan also shared why he disagrees with Vijay and what made him apologise to his cousin Anand. His film Footfairy and more.


Vijay Devarakonda's Benevolent Dictator' video

Telugu star Vijay Devarakonda's recent comments on India's current electoral system and the need for the autocratic rule has hurt sentiments of many people, including celebrities.  It so happened that the actors deleted clip from an old interview surfaced online recently that created an uproar on social media.


Vijay Devarakonda's comment on the electoral system

The actor said in the video that he believes not everyone in the country should be allowed to vote.

In the interview, Vijay was asked if he'd get into politics like other actors in five years down the line. In response, Vijay said, "The current political system is not making sense," and the way elections are conducted isn't right. "I don't think everyone should be allowed to vote."

Adding that only the ones with 'most at stake', which he believes is the 'middle class', should be allowed to vote. He added that the lower strata of the population are easily swayed by cash and liquor during elections.

Vijay went on to state that he believes in a dictatorship, and if at all he takes a plunge into politics, he would like to be a 'benevolent dictator'. He went to add that one can make a change through a dictatorial system and given a chance, it might work. 

His old interview clip that was deleted went viral and has received a lot of flak from netizens.

Bollywood actor Gulshan Devaiah reacted on Twitter

Gulshan Devaiah took to Twitter and wrote that maybe Vijay needed a 'haircut' to ease the 'pressure on his khopdi'.

This didn't go down well with, Vijay's brother Anand Devarakonda and he fired back at Gulshan's tweet, asking him to understand the context before making personal comments.

Anand wrote, "Maybe a khopdi with actual substance would understand the context first before making personal comments on social media (sic)."

Vijay and Gulshan

On Tweeting to Vijay Devarakonda, why was it misconstrued?

His cousin shot back at me. I have my clarification. It was a part of an interview that was deleted but went viral. He was expressing his views about democracy and sort of extended his support to a benevolent autocratic or benevolent dictatorship.  And he has a lot of hair on his head, and I just tweeted saying he should get a haircut as it is putting a lot of pressure on your brain. I meant it in jest and in a funny way. I understand that it must have come across as a  personal jibe,fair point made. I clarified it with his cousin and tendered my apology. It is still a very feeble argument to say, and his argument was, paisa and Daru deke vote kharedete hai and what he is saying is not far from the truth. I have seen this from my youth, that this happens. To counter that he is saying there should be a benevolent dictatorship which I feel is a feeble argument. I wanted to put this point. And sometimes, celebrities who vile for a great deal of admiration to get attention tend to say dumb things, and then he also said that he is not interested in politics. Fair point, I have no major disagreements with him. In fact, I have seen his film, and I mean 'the movie'  that he is known for and I liked it. The only point is I disagree with his viewpoint. 


Are you not scared of repercussions or the aftermath of making a volatile point

I don't have any malicious intent. Like I know, even for Vijay, when his cousin told me that I made a personal remark I apologised. The intention was not a personal remark, but I understand why it was taken as a personal jibe. I have to be clear with my viewpoint. Even in criticism, my intentions are clear. My comments or humour are not malicious. Like aise B grade actor and C grade actor aise Baath nai Karna chaiye yeh gaalt hai. I am honest with my intent. I may be wrong a few times, but I am ready to apologise for those things sincerely. If I have made a mistake, I will say sorry. I don't think of myself as a fearless person, and I'm afraid of the dark many times. Gaali Dena and all that is not my thing. If it is a battle of wit I'm okay, I am open for an honest discussion,  par yeh twitter pe hota nai hai. To sum it up, my intent is not malicious at all. Yes, if someone is doing bakwas, I would like to counter or show them the mirror. And as far as trolls are concerned, I'm a troll myself (laughs).

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Your views on the boycott and backroll of Tanshiq ad

It's not a big deal for me. I don't have a good or bad opinion over this: Haan, Tanshiq ka share thoda girega and phir theek hojayega. 

gulshan in foot fairy

On the work front, he will be seen in the film FootFairy. 

About his role as a CBI officer

After Mard Ko Dard Nai Hota, I did two web shows, and now FootFairy is a film, and I am glad that it's a film. I am a bit old school, so films attract me (laughs). Moreover, I am glad that &TV has taken the initiative to produce it. Well, personally I loved the ending, I was bowled over it. And the story is about a CBI officer. And we all know these days; CBI is in big demand. Everyone is trying to hire a CBI. They can contact me; I have my own portable CBI unit also (laughs). Coming back to the crux of the story CBI officer a good one. In the city, a series of bizarre murder happens, and the case comes to CBI, i.e. Vivaan. He investigates the crime, holds a press conference and all of that. As I said, the ending is thought-provoking.