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Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy is being immensely praised by the critics. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, the movie has managed to impress the critics on various levels.

Gully Boy is a film about one street rapper in Mumbai played by Ranveer, who dreams to make it big someday. Hailing from a poor family which is headed by an abusive father, he faces a lot of issues in personal life, apart from his struggle to chase his dream.

On the other side, Alia plays the character of a medical student belonging to a conservative Muslim family. She is Ranveer's onscreen love interest, and their chemistry sparks all through the movie.

Some of the critics have already watched Gully Boy, and are going gaga over the film. It is being called Ranveer's one of the finest performances. He apparently pulled off the character with great precision, and is being highly applauded for his expressions.

Alia too is seen playing a very unique role, and she is entertaining all throughout the movie. The lyrics, dialogues and background music are also being immensely appreciated.

CBFC chops Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt's kissing scene in Gully Boy
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Read some of the critics' reviews of Gully Boy:

Film Companion: If you're looking for a good time, Gully Boy is everything you can ask for. It's just that I wanted it to be more. I wanted it to be the film its lyrics deserved.

Rajeev Masand: What powers these different narratives are essentially two things - the extraordinary performance from Ranveer Singh and the music and lyrics which has as much feeling as the story and performance.

Anupama Chopra: Ranveer Singh smoulders marvellously. He affects a slang that sounded ghetto enough to my non-Mumbai ears, and it's terrific to see him demonstrate his more "sophisticated" acting side. Alia plays her role like a firecracker that won't tell you when it's going to go off. The scene where she says yes to a prospective match brings the house down.

Raja Sen: The film opens with a dedication to pioneering Indian hip-hop stars Naezy and Divine, Akhtar and co-writer Reema Kagti borrowing background and specifics from their lives. Many local rappers show up, cameoing as themselves, which is a delight. Yet Gully Boys doesn't try to explain the music itself, or what draws these hungry young men to the righteous aggression of Nas and Tupac and Jay-Z, or even what distinguishes this subculture from other rebellions.

Priyanka Sinha Jha: With its evocative true-life story, it could well be the best modern fairytale film to come out of Mumbai.

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