Healthcare professionals are undoubtedly the frontline warriors in the battle against COVID-19 as they have been selflessly serving others day in and day out. At the time of such a grave medical emergency, they should be treated with the utmost respect so that their morale remains high.

But, unfortunately, there are a few people, who instead of being grateful to the doctors, are misbehaving with them and even assaulting them.

Doctors protesting over the assault of another doctor by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike at Minto Hospital In Bengaluru
Doctors protesting over the assault of another doctor by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike at Minto Hospital In BengaluruTwitter

In an incident that has come to light from Surat, Gujarat, a female doctor was harassed by her neighbours. A video of the shameful episode has been shared on social media in which a man can be seen yelling and hurling abuses at the lady doctor. He also went on to physically assault her.

Man threatens doctor as others become mute spectators

In the video, the man can be seen shouting at the top of his voice, asking the doctor to 'get out' of his sight. Several people can be seen standing and witnessing the shameful episode without uttering a single world except for a lady who came forward trying to calm the man down.

The doctor revealed that her neighbour approached her when she was taking her dog out for a walk and asked if she has been infected with COVID-19. Minutes later, he resorted to shouting and tried to physically hurt her several times.

Surat police take prompt action

As the video did rounds on Twitter, the incident was brought to the notice of police officials who swung into action right away. IAS officer Sanjeev Gupta reported the matter to the Surat Police and the accused couple was arrested.

"I spoke to @CP_SuratCity. The couple from neighbourhood indulging in diabolical conduct against the doctors sincerely serving #Covid_19 patients has been arrested. Well done @GujaratPolice by taking prompt action," Gupta wrote on Twitter.

There have been several incidents of misconduct with doctors and nurses across the country in the last few days as the fear of novel coronavirus grows.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several occasions has appealed to citizens to be thoughtful towards the healthcare workers. "People in white in hospitals and clinics are our gods now, they should be respected," he had said.