Rahul Gandhi
Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Gujarat during his Navsarjan Yatra.Twitter

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is on his three-day visit to Gujarat ahead of the December assembly polls.

Gandhi again targeted the Narendra Modi government on November 3. while addressing the people during his Navasarjan Yatra. He slammed the Centre for not releasing promised funds for welfare of the state.

"The truth of Gujarat is unemployment among youth, difficulties faced by farmers, costly private education and health-care, corruption and theft of land," said the Congress V-P.

"The truth of the BJP is profits pocketed by five-ten corporates, theft of land and water, and toffee of Rs 35,000 crore in the name of Nano (Tata Nano plant), and 'suit-bootki yaari'," he said.

RaGa's example of Duryodhana

Gandhi, referring to the Mahabharata, said "When the Kauravas and the Pandavas arrived at a decision to fight against each other, Duryodhana sought Krishna's advice before the war."

"Krishna had told Duryodhana that there is no need for a fight and we have arrived at a settlement, as he was accompanied by Arjuna," added Gandhi.

The Congress V-P further added "Give any five villages to the Pandavas and there will be no fight, said Krishna."

Rahul Gandhi Gujarat
Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public meeting in Gujarat, ahead of 2014 state assembly electionsTwitter

"Reacting to Krishna's suggestion, Duryodhana refused to compromise and said that he will not give even a pin-head of land to the Pandavas. If they want it, they have to fight for it."

Gandhi related the example of Duryodhana to the Modi government and slammed the BJP saying, "Maybe the Modi government is backed with all the police, army and people's mandate from Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, but the truth lies with us (Congress)."

Gujarat will go to polls on December 4 and 14 and the results will be declared on December 18. The BJP has been ruling the state for the past 20 years. 

Congress' alliance with Hardik Patel

The Congress is optimistic of a future in Gujarat along with Hardik Patel, who has been leading the Patidhar (Patel) community agitation under the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) banner.

Patel has meanwhile asked the agitating members to not to cast their votes for the BJP. The Patels want reservations for their community under the OBC quota.

Asked which party they should vote for, Patel said "People are intelligent, when I tell them to vote the BJP out, they know who to vote for.''

Patel communities, who are against Hardik's agitation in Gujarat, have said that Hardik is extending his support to the Congress without any assurance from their end over reservations for the Patels.

Hardik patel
Hardik Patel, Nitish Kumar join hands against BJP in Gujarat.IANS

"He is misleading the agitation and Patidars and now even agreeing to no quota within the OBCs. Which means he is no longer interested in reservation but playing politics over it," a joint Patidar committee coordinator, which is opposing Hardik, said.

Hardik stressed that the issues among the agitating Patidaars and the Congress are almost settled and said "it's a coincidence that Rahul Gandhi & I are in the same place today. Four issues are settled, OBC quota is still being discussed."


Meanwhile, Gandhi said that only few businessmen get benefits of the schemes introduced by the Centre, not only in Gujarat, but all over the country.

"Ask Modiji when he comes here, you had promised to create jobs for two crore youth, today only 450 youths got jobs. Also ask why did you snatch away the land of farmers," he said.


The Congress VP assured the people that "Only the Congress can offer you jobs, education, health-care. We will not make false promises like giving Rs 15 lakh. Sometimes you may not like the truth. But this state cannot go ahead without the truth. No one better than Gujarat understands the truth..."