The Gujarat government has reportedly decided to continue the ban on mobile internet services, WhatsApp and Facebook in Ahmedabad until Wednesday.

However, some reports also suggested that the Internet services were resumed in the city on Monday midnight.

"Certainly the services have been restored everywhere else but owing to the sensitivity prevailing in Ahmedabad, the decision to restore these by midnight tonight has been taken jointly by the police department," The Indian Express quoted Ahmedabad district collector Rajkumar Beniwal as saying.

A resident of Prahlad Nagar in Ahmedabad also told IBTimes India that mobile Internet services in his area were active, but he was uncertain about other parts of the city.

"Yes, at Ahmedabad - Prahlad Nagar, Everything is working fine now. Not sure about other areas," Hitesh Singh told IBTimes through Twitter.

Internet Restored?

The home department officials and the state police had recommended to restore Internet services in Ahmedabad at a meeting on Monday night. However, at a meeting with Chief Minister Anandiben Patel later, it was decided that the ban should continue, The Times of India reports.

The final take on the matter will be taken on Wednesday after reviewing the situation. "Ban on internet in Ahmedabad will continue for another day. This is a precautionary measure. On Tuesday we shall review the situation," said Ahmedabad police commissioner Shivanand Jha.

Several people from Ahmedabad mentioned on Twitter that mobile Internet services had not been restored in their areas as yet and they were unable to access Facebook and WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the ban has been lifted in Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Botad and Morbi districts. However, the authorities are still skeptical about allowing access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube and Twitter. These social media and multimedia platforms will remain blocked until 2 Spetmber midnight.

The decision to resume Internet services in Surat will be taken after reviewing the situation on 1 September.

"Concerned city police commissioners and district collectors have been asked to review the situation and decide upon social media services," said chief secretary Ganga Ram Aloria.

The state authorities had suspended mobile Internet services and put a ban on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter after "rumours" started spreading late on Tuesday, 25 August. The state authorities claimed that the rumours fuelled the violence that had erupted in Ahmedabad over the arrest of Hardik Patel, who was released within a few hours.

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Ahmedabad residents say Internet still not working: