Someone rightfully pointed out, the fact that Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Jeezy came together and no one was shot in the process is quite a step forward. The two rap legends have bartered quite a few things with each other in the past decade and a half - insults and murder threats being just one way of putting things.

Jeezy. Pic@Instagram

The two rappers, as by now even those outside of the music community know, have been involved in an ongoing feud that goes back to a 'classic' 15 years. Several dis tracks, a murder charge and even fights between the two rappers' entourages later, the feud come to an end and how.

Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane. Pic@Instagram

The million-dollar truce & how it happened

Gucci opened the battle by performing the Jeezy diss tracks Round 1 and Bench Warmer and somewhere later bragging, "I want y'all to praise my outfit. It cost 10 bands. Look at my opponent man. Look at him." Not the one to take back, Jeezy retorted, "I didn't know this was a fashion show. I don't have no $10,000 outfit, but I own half of Atlanta."

However, fans noticed that Jeezy was trying to keep things in check and giving a peep into his mind, "When I called you and extended this invite, I did so as a real man." Gucci replied that he accepted the invite only if it was "true" and "street."

In the final round, the two announced their plans to end the feud and did so by performing their 2005 hit single So Icy, a song that features both artists. Is it any wonder that the livestream drew over 1.8 million people on Thursday itself.

What's a Verzuz battle anyway?

An American webcast series created in March-April by artists Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, Verzuz battle was started off as a means to beat the lockdown stress and frustration. The Verzuz battle may consist of n number of rounds wherein both artists go head-to-head against each other while dishing out their hit singles.

Meanwhile, Twitter is tired and divided

All these years in the past, the two rappers entourages, fans, almost everyone found themselves embroiled in the war. "Gucci is an Aquarius and Jeezy is a Libra...You know the Aquarius was going to start something and the Libra wanted it to be fair lol," wrote a user, signifying 'feud fatigue' that had clearly set in. It was time to grow up anyway, growth is beautiful. But who won the verzuz battle? Twitter got tense and divided over that.