GTA might get a female protagonist
GTA might get a female protagonistRockstar Games

A fan of Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA) has revealed an in-game method of boosting a player's cash reserve and RP in the popular multiplayer game.

Rockstar, GTA developer, had discontinued the cash packs last week. Fortunately for players, a new video has demonstrated how one can earn $9000 and rank up the RP within 90 seconds by repeatedly playing a mission.

The video states that player would need to complete the 15th mission called Violent Duct. A gamer can start a mission by eliminating the enemies, swindling drugs from a target person and reaching the destination (character named Gerlrd) via motorbike, within two minutes. After completing the mission, the gamer is rewarded with $9000 and some RP.

The video suggests gamers to use a shotgun for better aiming. The "Easy" and "Normal" difficulty level can be used for earning money and the "Hard" level can be used for boosting the RP. The duration of the game, however, depends on the skill level of the player, according to Max Level website.

The video mentions that since the latest patch has eliminated the option of "Replay" in the game, the gamer can press the triangle button to vote right after the mission has been completed and press R2 button (the team-mates also need to press R2) to restart the level.

The tutorial video can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: Max Level/Youtube]

Meanwhile, Rockstar North's President Leslie Benzies has confirmed that the next iteration of GTA is in the works but mentioned no release date. He also stated that Rockstar studio has "45 years worth of ideas" which they can put in GTA 6 and hinted that GTA 5 might get certain DLC packs in future.

The DLC packs and GTA 6 are, however, far from being announced officially. As of now, the studio's main concern is to improve the Online version of the game.