GTA Online Bikers DLC official: You can command your own bikers gang of 8 in newer gameplay conditions
GTA Online Bikers DLC official: You can command your own gang of eight in the new gameplay conditionsRockstar Games

In a bonanza to Grand Theft Auto (GTA loyalists), the much-expected Bikers DLC for GTA Online has now been made official, and the content will be available to gamers across the world soon.

The development adds substance to the predictions made in August by the renowned YouTube game tipster, MrBossFTW, who had categorically stated that the Bikers content would be made official in September.

According to a recent official Rockstar media release, GTA loyalists, upon obtaining the Bikers DLC, will get to form their own customised group, with the ability to add as many as eight players to the team and lead this gang. Gamers will also be able to test and play around with new motorcycles and properties, including MC Clubhouses, with a special custom Biker mechanic and even newer venues to set up business ventures.

Rockstar states that gamers will also be empowered with enhanced co-op gameplay and new competitive modes.  Finally, they also get to use newer weapons to battle black-collar CEOs of organisations. The prominent new game modes include Power Play and Trading places.

Rockstar has currently put up a 'Coming Soon' status as far as the exact release timeline of Bikers DLC is concerned. But going by what MrBossFTW predicted earlier, the Bikers DLC could be released on a Tuesday, with the next Tuesday being 27 September. So there is every possibility of the biker-themed content making its debut within GTA Online sooner than expected.