GTA 5 PC released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

We are yet to get over GTA 5 and reports not only state that GTA 6 is in the making, but that it will be twice the size of the last game. We really don't know what to expect from the next piece in the series, but going by the kind of features we got in GTA 5, Rockstar has set the bar for itself quite high for the next.

Since Liberty City, most of us have got our intentions clear for the series, with Rockstar supplementing those intentions with more new features.

We are listing down the things (or features) we expect in the next GTA title. While some of them are over the top, others have a very good chance of making it to the future game. Check them out below:

A Female Central Character
When was the last time a GTA title introduced a female protagonist into the mix? Well, never. But GTA 6 seems like a good pedestal for Rockstar to finally introduce a central female character. Usually, all the females in the game are either subjected to ridicule and mockery, or get killed brutally by players exploring the massive open world. However, for the next GTA, we would really like to see a female protagonist who would keep ticking the storyline with her own adventures (and misadventures). Maybe they could take a tip or two from the Saints Row series. Imagine a female in the game with Trevor's attitude towards life. Scary!

A More Engaging Storyline
To be perfectly honest, if the storyline for GTA games were as engaging as we would like it to be, fans would have somewhat less desire to roam the streets and create nuisance, much to the annoyance of all the NPCs roaming around. Maybe Rockstar feels that there's no need to put in a shift for a story since players will anyway end up blowing up a bunch of stuff or kill people when in the game. After all, that has been the essence of GTA titles till now. But that mentality could change for the next game where we could be treated to a really epic storyline. According to us, keep the three way story going as GTA 5 and make each of the character's life a bit more interesting (if not insane) than usual.

More Explorable Cities
It isn't that we didn't enjoy the expansive rework that's been put into a revamped San Andreas, but we would like to see even more such explorable cities with their own special thing going. Maybe there will be a feature where, similarly to jumping characters in the game, we could jump cities (some sort of fast travel mech). For that, however, Rockstar has to fit in more than one or two cities in its next game. But if it indeed does, expect the story to automatically grow and tie in all the cities together under a single banner (say for pulling off heists in multiple locations at the same time or even drug-trafficking).

Better Cop A.I.
It's obviously fun to run around the city with a railgun, killing a bunch of people, especially the fuzz. But for how long? There comes a time when you grow tired of all the mindless mayhem, mostly because cops won't react the way they are supposed to. It's as if they were made to blatantly take punishment of all sorts. But most of the times, they are killed by their own silly mistakes. Sometimes they can't climb up ladders and miss a step and fall crashing to their deaths, while other times they are run over by cars (they won't even move out of the way). Even more bizarre is the fact that they crash choppers and die in the silliest ways possible, hardly requiring you to waste a shell on them. It isn't that we are complaining, but a little tweak of the cop A.I. here and there could do plenty of good to the game's overall replay value.

Play As Cops
Speaking about better A.I. for cops, why not add a mode that would actually let you play as a cop or a Federal agent? Back in the day, Vice City had an option where if you nab a cop car, you can automatically switch to playing cop-esque missions (similar to the one where you could nab an ambulance). But that's still not the same deal as playing as an actual cop in the game. Maybe GTA 6 will make the wish come true.