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There's no denying that the immensely popular GTA 5 was already a major success the moment it was announced by Rockstar. However, while all eyes were set on the release of GTA 5, it seems like the company had already conceived the idea of the next GTA – preferably, GTA 6.

And although there's still time left before the craze and enthusiasm for GTA 5 dies out, we already have exclusive, hands-on details on the next GTA that Rockstar is set to release. While everything here is to be taken with a pinch of salt, it seems like there's big news on the cards, coming straight from the mouth of 'an insider.'

According to a tipster who contacted IBTimes India recently, Rockstar's next GTA title will take at least five years before it can go gold. The insider, who apparently "deals with several art-based stuff" for Rockstar Studios, says that there's a long waiting period involved from this GTA to the next.

But doesn't a five-year wait sound like a lot? Well, the insider also had a perfectly good reason as to why a five-year time-frame has been set for the next GTA. According to him, the next GTA, you might expect, will be twice the size of the GTA 5.

So while Rockstar says the open world of Los Santos is the biggest it has ever created, if the latest claims are to be believed, fans can expect an ever bigger open world when GTA 6 is officially announced. Although the tipster wasn't open on the in-game features that would be coming with the futuristic title.

While it is to be seen if the claims above really do fall into place when the official announcement related to it is made, it's interesting to note that this is the same source that notified us on Rockstar working on a separate open world project that isn't necessarily a GTA title.

So if the previous claims are to be taken into account, with respect to the ones that were made recently, Rockstar might be heading towards some busy years with two major open world games now being on the cards.

Nonetheless, we feel that this isn't the last time we will hear from our source and more details on both the titles (hopefully) will emerge in the next few months. We are keeping our fingers crossed.