The Rockstar-made GTA 5 has taken the stage in the grandest of ways. And none can deny the fact that the game has reached the pinnacle that most predicted it would. However, it seems like GTA isn't the only open world project that's cooking inside the closed doors of Rockstar.

According to a tipster who contacted IB Times India, Rockstar may be looking to work on a brand new open world project that isn't necessarily the next Grand Theft Auto title. In fact, if the tipster is to be believed, the game will be a separate entity from the franchise, although it can't be expected to arrive anytime soon.

We currently don't have any kind of leaks or screenshots to consolidate on the new claim made by the tipster, but we can assure our readers that he is indeed one of the insiders in the industry and handles one of the many segments that's involved in building a game from the ground-up.

A recent report from Daily Record notes that the company "has reported a 60% increase in turnover to £32.25 million for the 2014 year to March largely on an increase in charges to its US-based parent company".

In fact, Rockstar Star also reports that administrative expenses have more than doubled year-on-year to £13.98 million (2013: £6.41 million). While these are just numbers to the masses, it also could be the funding that the company needs to get the new open-world project running. But then again, whatever it is, don't expect the game to be put anytime soon.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg with more left to be explored in due time. Is Rockstar really working on a separate open world title, or is it just another hoax? Or is it a brand new GTA? Keep a watch on this section for more information.