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Even though there's still some time left before the recently-released GTA 5 starts collecting dust, it seems like the next GTA title is already under production behind the closed doors of Rockstar. However, this shouldn't come as a big shock if you have already gone through our exclusive report on the development of GTA 6.

Now, more details have started coming in for the yet-to-be-announced title, and the latest one among them claims that Hollywood superstar Ryan Gosling will be roped in by Rockstar to play the role of the main protagonist in the game.

According to an anonymous source with knowledge about the project, Drive-star Ryan Gosling will star in the next instalment in the series. If it is indeed true, it will be the first time since the release of Vice City that the developers have hired some well-known Hollywood personality to play a major role in its games.

Apart from that, the unnamed leakster has also revealed that Rockstar has "tailor-made a protagonist for Gosling in the 1980s setting and that the actor has purportedly said yes to the role," according to a VCPost report.

For the record, Nicholas Winding Refn's intense masterpiece, Drive, which stars Gosling, is also said to have taken inspiration from Rockstar's work with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

However, none of this is official and readers are advised to take everything with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned for more updates!

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