GTA 5 PC was released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

Honest players on GTA 5 PC have been perturbed and have been reportedly affected by a number of cheaters.

When Rockstar released the game on PC it was obvious that players would be taking advantage of the game via modding and more. However, WCCFTech reported that cheaters had taken advantage of some of the weakness in the system and made it difficult for many of the players who played the game honestly.

There have been instances of some players making use of the god mode, money shooting guns, flying off with a car, low gravity and more.

Though these are fun and interesting making use of them in a multiplayer clashes with other players stealing off the fun of playing the game altogether as the cheater will always be at an advantage over the player who is not cheating.

Cheats like 'suicide cheat' allowed players to commit suicide on the map, giving the cheater an external command over the character.

It is clear that cheating ruins the game, though it might be hilarious and fun to watch them.

However, Rockstar has been acting swiftly and handing out bans for players who have used exploits, trainers and cheats. The ban has been extended on both single players and multiplayer modes.

Rockstar has been taking this action based on a player's connection to the Social Club, they might not be making any differentiation between players cheating and players who are only changing the game resulting in no damage to the game as such.

Many of the players who used the FOV mods found themselves banned by Rockstar. When questioned about this, Rockstar said that it allows for cosmetic changes to be made, clarifying that it did not support all the mods. If a player has installed such a mod, then they have to uninstall it and call Rockstar for any help.