GTA 5 Online: Will Rockstar seed a Halloween DLC in 2016?
GTA 5 Online: Will Rockstar seed a Halloween DLC in 2016?Newswire

For Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (GTA Online) loyalists, this time of the year represents anticipations with regard to the Halloween DLC. There are increased expectations this time around considering the Bikers-themed DLC is releasing soon.

Now, YouTube gaming tipster MrBossFTW (via a new Q&A session) has attempted to shed some light on aspects related to the Halloween DLC being released like last year for GTA 5. Check out the tipster's observations, with regard to the release of the Halloween DLC below:

  • Firstly, MrBossFTW has taken questions from nearly a thousand members of the GTA forum. These are folks who are as equally curious, as the general GTA loyalists, about the probability of a Halloween DLC. MrBossFTW believes, based on Rockstar's DLC release pattern over the years, that there would be a Halloween DLC this year.
  • Secondly, with the Bikers content set for official release on Oct.4, GTA loyalists could expect multiple unknown aspects and hidden aspects to come to the fore during the seeding of the Bikers DLC. MrBossFTW believes that Rockstar would definitely have more than one surprise in store for gamers on Oct.4. Guesses by the tipsters point at an official unveil of Halloween content.
  • Another probability, at this juncture is, Rockstar initially releasing the Bokers-themed DLC on Oct.4 and letting this stuff stay till a week or so and then coming out with the Halloween DLC. Rumours are also rife about Rockstar introducing new in-game content revolving around the Adversary mode, new clothing and vehicles.
  • It would be no surprise if Rockstar unlocks all content that were introduced by the Halloween DLC last year. These could be minimalistic enhancements.