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GTA 5 Online is rumoured to get new DLC very soon.Facebook

Though GTA 5 Online players have been waiting for a new DLC for the popular video game from Rockstar, there hasn't been any, apart from the rumours and speculations around the September update.

Funmw2, a well-known GTA tipster and GTA forum member, recently revealed that GTA 5 Online will be getting a new DLC along with Rockstar Editor. He further suggested that the "next update will be released soon" and it will offer players with the ability to change their gender.

This was picked up by another GTA tipster and YouTuber, MrBossFTW who shared a video and some screenshots that suggested that the September update will be released this week.

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However, not all fans have taken it to the heart. Many of the members in GTA Forums have questioned reports saying the new update will drop down this week. In the discussion thread, some have said the information is "100 percent fake" and some others are saying that this is "fake hype".

Forum members are not taking the information from Funmw2 lightly, as one member said, "I trust no one. Except for Fun."

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Another one says "Rockstar is just trolling us." Rockstar put up a new post on its Newswire about cycle racing championship in Barcelona. But many feel that the company should release some new content as it has been a while. The last one to be released was Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC in July 2015.

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Over the last week, there have been many different DLC names doing the rounds.

We can only wait and see what Rockstar has in store this September, but only after it comes out with some sort of hint or information on the anticipated new DLC.