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GTA 5 Online is rumoured to get a September update.Facebook

As Rockstar released the Labor Day special bonus and discounts for GTA 5 Online players, the rumour and speculation of it releasing a new update that is tentatively named, 'September Update or DLC,' is still doing the rounds online.

GTA 5 fans, players and YouTubers have tabulated what they want to see in the rumoured September update.

Top 5 Items and Content in Demand

Following strong rumours and speculations that hint at a new DLC for September, called the September update, GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW has shared a video that discusses what is needed in the next update that will reinvigorate GTA 5 Online.

  1. Gang and West Coast Style Clothing Theme: This was previously discussed in a story on IBTimes India where GTA Forum member Tohoto had come out with a list of clothing and accessories with a West Coast and Gangster styling that fans liked immediately.
  2. Exciting but Useful New Weapon: Though Rockstar has previously added some weapons, like the melee weapons etc., the game has not seen the addition of a new assault rifle, LMG, grenade launcher, sniper rifle. The game needs something that is both unique and exciting but at the same time it must be something that players must be able to 'use' it regularly against all sort of targets, even to be made use of in Deathmatches.
  3. A Unique Vehicle with Properties: There have been a lot of vehicles from Rockstar thanks to their Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 1 and Part 2. One such unique vehicle that was part of the game was Enus Windsor, mainly because it had unique property like liveries. Another such vehicle was T20, a two-door hyper car with a retractable spoiler. So there is a need for a unique vehicle with some unique properties of their own like the two above.
  4. New Los Santos Customs Shop: Though this suggestion is fanciful, Rockstar has not made any changes to Los Santos Customs shop, except the addition of neon under glow lights feature. So a new Los Santos Customs can have features like coloured headlights, different coloured tinted windows and hydraulics or any other update that might add value to a West Coast DLC.
  5. Better Character Accessories: Rockstar must add some new features that will help players of GTA 5 Online to accessorise their character. This can be a bandana, a heist duffle bag, a skateboard, a backpack and so on, like in single player where the characters will look unique.

5 Rumoured DLC Names

Rumours and speculation has been going around on what the next DLC for GTA 5 Online is going to be. The names have been running from Gangster DLC to Casino DLC, but these again have only been speculations. Let us have a look at the possible DLC names for upcoming update that many believe will be in September.

  1. Gangster DLC/ West Coast DLC: This DLC is said to have all the themes that will feature content related to Gangstas and the West Coast, from weapons, clothing and cars that are specific to this area to location and places to the life style.
  2. Low Rider/ Low Life DLC: This has been rumoured for some time now. A Low Life will be the opposite of the High Life DLC that was released for the game. So this DLC will consist of all the low end weapons, vehicles, clothing and so on.
  3. September DLC: The September DLC will be the DLC that comes out in September and this could be inclusive of lot of other DLC ideas like the West Coast DLC, Low Life DLC and so on.
  4. Mansion DLC: This DLC has been rumoured for a long time now. Rockstar had allowed its players to buy apartments and garages but it still has kept in hold the ability to buy mansions, which are bigger houses. This DLC could also include the ability for players to customise their interiors and even change their wall paintings.
  5. Casino DLC: Again, this too has been rumoured for some time now. The speculations spread like wild fire following the discovery of a casino that hung a signboard that read 'Opening Soon.' The Casino DLC might also feature Poker games, slot machine games and more.

Meanwhile, there have been other DLC names that have surfaced from time to time, namely, Stock Market DLC, No Cop Mode DLC and Cops N' Crooks DLC.

5 New Glitches and Tricks

YouTuber NoughtPointFourLIVE has shared five new glitches and tricks in his video that is part of GTA 5 Online.

  1. Character Goes Sky High: Players must head to the west side of the Vespucci Beach and make way into the open building that is seen in the video below. Ask your friend to throw grenades on the corner of the wooden boat when the door is half open. The friend must shoot the inside of the game open, while you are standing on the edge of the door on the roof top and when this is done an invisible barrier or the gate will launch your character into the sky. This might take some time though. Players falling from the sky will not die.
  2. How to go on Top of the Apartment block: Go to the location noted by the YouTuber in the map, next set a pin point above the apartment. Once you have come out of it, park two vehicles or an SUV near the wall. Now climb on the vehicle and from there climb on the roof. So now from the roof climb down into the black space and pull your parachute and navigate the parachute to the pin pointed apartment block. Going to first person view, players will be able to see the plan of the apartment, the props and so on.
  3. A Secret Location: This might be a garage to the industrial vehicles in GTA 5. Players can head to this tunnel in any vehicle. Now, players will have to take a right near the wooden bridge before the sewer. Next players will have to nudge their car bit by bit into the wall and they will see that the car will enter the wall. Once the front door is inside the other part of the wall, exit the car. Players will see a concrete platform, and they have to jump into it. Players will be spawning in the garage at the Union Depository.
  4. A Tornado Glitch: Get an armoured Kuruma and have a tank drive over the Kuruma many times, until all the tires have come off, and try holding down both the triggers and turn the left analog stick to the way you want to turn the Kuruma. While doing this, ask a friend to walk into the car, thus launching the car into sky if done properly spinning like a tornado.
  5. How to Get Cop Outfit: Launch the Job called Crooked Cop by setting the Versus Clothing to Classic. If players set it as Classic they get Policeman outfit and if they set it as Traditional, they get the garbage man outfit. Once this is selected, start the session with the friend in your session. Now in the Options Menu go to Versus Outfits and select the ones you want, say the Justice versus outfit where players will get the cop outfit. once you enter, make sure you get an SUV and next go to your in-game cellphone and call your friend to pick you up in a helicopter by Merryweather. Let the helicopter land near your SUV. Players can either call themselves for the helicopter or they can ask their friend. Now ask your friend to locate an SUV like vehicle. Now get into the SUV and drive it to the wall near the Police Department carpark. Climb above the wall and jump into the black space. Open the parachute and navigate to the D-shaped road. Now hold down one of the bumpers and turn the parachute in circles until you land inside your garage. And after you are in the garage take the elevators and later save the outfit in the empty slot.