GTA 5 Online
Previous DLC updates like Ill-Gotten Gains: Part One brought new vehicles.Rockstar Newswire

As GTA 5 fans await a new DLC Update for GTA 5 Online, some YouTube users have come up with some eccentric DLC concepts for a forthcoming update. With Rockstar dragging its feet on the issue, let's look at the suggestions by fellow gamers.

West Costs Update or Gangster DLC Concepts

Though the concept of Gangster DLC for GTA 5 Online is not new (GTA Forums had discussed about it in a thread in October 2013), it has now been refreshed by YouTubers.

As suggested originally by GTA Forum member Tohoto. We see GTA tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW and YouTuber DomisLive agreeing and hoping Rockstar heeds and includes it in its next DLC update.

Tohoto had argued that since Los Santos, the fictional city in GTA 5 has been based on the city of Los Angeles, which is in the West Coast, and we mash it up with the imagery found in the Hip Hop world and the urban world we can think about Low Riders, gangs, cars with suspensions and clothing specific to the West Coast.

Sharing some of the vehicles that Rockstar could perhaps look into is PMP800, a featured car sporting low suspension, massive front grills and Suicide Doors. This is an upgrade form PMP600.

He also hoped Los Sanstos Customs would allow players to add some new blingy attachments like gold plated grills.

Next is the El Camino with some classic yet sleek West Coast style paint jobs and spinner style wheels. The addition of flashy custom upgrades will up the ante of the possible new DLC update. Rockstar can also provide some liveries for these cars giving them some stylized appeals.

Also, the Gang Burrito van with different paint jobs like colourful flames and more can be seen.

On the aspect of clothing and accessories, Tohoto has shared some of items that fans have been asking Rockstar since a long time, namely the Tupac style bandana (with different colours). Then, there are the hats with the bandanas. He shows an array of varsity-style jackets in different colours like Veste Tedy Jaune, Veste Teddy Rouge and Veste Teddy Violette.

Next are the various sports jerseys inspired by LA Kings and LA Lakers like the Miallot De Sport Violet LA Lakers colours and Maillot de Sport Noir.

He also mentions other regular clothing like jeans and accessories like chains like Collier Aigle and Collier Uzi chains. All going well with the imagery of a West Coast gangster.

On the weapons' end, Rockstar could include Bombe de Tag (a spray paint can for graffiti), Couperet (meat cleaver), a Machette, Tuyau de Plomberie (lead pipe), and guns like Tec 9, MP5K.

He wants the players to be allowed to buy some liquor in Los Santos stores.

One feature -- which was present in GTA San Andreas -- that can be included in GTA 5 is Turf Wars. This will allow players to side with a gang and battle with them against a rival.

Abovementioned concepts are speculative in nature, riding high on the rumours of a possible Low Rider or Low Life DLC for GTA 5 Online.