GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online for PS4 and Xbox One will be released on 18 November,

There has been a big lull in GTA 5 Online, with fans waiting for the release of update 1.17 that could possibly include Heists update. However, new information on MPLTS DLC, new guns and cars have appeared online hinting on more content.


YouTuber, DomisLive has said, according to its source that the DLC that was named as "Testing DLC" has now been running with a code "MPLTS DLC." This has been deciphered as Multi-team Last Team Standing DLC. It is not yet known what these stand for since GTA 5 already has Last Team Standing mode. He also said that it is not clear if it was for Heists DLC or Mission Creator.

The post also carries other DLCs like MP Beach DLC, MP Christmas, MP Valentines DLC, MP Business, MP Hipster DLC, MP Independence and MP Pilot. All the mentioned code names have been rolled out by Rockstar since the release of GTA 5. We can only wait and see if MPLTS is tied with Heists update or Mission Creator.

Guns, Cars Leaked

Another YouTuber, NoahJ456 revealed via his post about a Reddit post that implies that he might be knowing about the next update from Rockstar to GTA 5 Online. The Redditor's post wished that the company adds the following items in the game in its update 1.17, which is likely to have Last Team Standing mode:

  • Content Creator
  • New Missions
  • Two New Guns
  • Few New Cars

Previous leaks have indicated that the new update might get Thermite bomb and the Flare gun. He believes that Rockstar could release the new update 1.17 on 30 September 2014.

Hunter Attack Helicopter DLC

DomisLive has revealed through his post that GTA 5 Online players are likely to get Hunter Attack Helicopter DLC in the yet to be released update 1.17.

The Hunter Attack Helicopter has appeared in many of the past GTA titles in Warstock Cache and Carry website show a number of vehicles. Out of those vehicles, players are yet to get the attack helicopter in GTA 5. The Hunter Attack Helicopter is based on AH-64 Apache helicopter and at a closer look at the Wikipedia page, it reveals that the first flight of the aircraft was on 30 September 1975. So, based on this premise, he argues that Hunter Attack Helicopter might be included in update 1.17 that might be released on 30 September 2014.

Funny Videos

Below are some of the funny moments in GTA 5 Online that was captured by DomisLive.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)