GTA Online
GTA 5 Online's 1.16 Update brings San Andreas Flight School

The modded money lobbies have returned on GTA 5 Online even after the recent 1.16 update that fixed some of the glitches.

Below we will speak about the return of modded money lobbies, UFOs, possibility of Strip Club DLC and Halloween DLC for GTA 5 Online after the 1.16 update.

YouTuber, DomisLive has posted a video on the return of the modded money lobbies that had got many players banned before 1.16 update was released for GTA 5 Online. He also spoke about the return of the UFOs in the game.

DomisLive received some tweets by GTA 5 Online players who saw UFOs in the game. However, he said that UFOs were not a bother but the blocked garages were. He opines that the blocked garages are "essentially UFOs" that are spawn in by modders. These blocked garages are affecting everyone in the lobby and when they go to another lobby if affects the members in that lobby too.

He offers a solution for removal of these blocked garages by deleting the DLC and reinstalling it again on PlayStation 3. On the Xbox 360, however, players will have to clear the cache and that will delete the blocked garages part.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)

Strip Club DLC's Are Fake?

YouTuber, DomisLive has posted a video on the possibility of Strip Clubs in GTA 5 Online after the 1.16 update.

He says that there is a possibility of a "Male Strip Club" coming to GTA 5 Online. He made a comparison of the audio files of Peach, a female stripper in the game. In the GTA Wiki page it is mentioned that Peach was voiced by a male, meaning that she is a transgender.

He also revealed some of the leaked game files that resembles that of the Peach.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)

Halloween DLC and More

YouTuber, NoahJ456 posted the video regarding the Halloween DLC amongst other new things in GTA 5 Online after the 1.16 update.

He asserted that though San Andreas Flight School update was not a bad one, it could have been made better by adding more.

To a fan question on the Halloween DLC he said that Rockstar will have no problem adding this and they will only have to allow players to get more weird characters from single player modes and add the clothing options with more costumes. Some of the characters in the single player are alien, a clown, people dressed up as Master Chief. They might also add more masks.

(YouTube Courtesy: NoahJ456)