GTA 5 Next-Gen
GTA 5 next-gen was released on 18 November

After Rockstar was finally able to come out with some sort of a release date and inputs on what players can expect in the Heists update for GTA 5, the developer has now promised a Christmas gift for gamers as they wait for Heists update.

The developer of the popular video game cleared the air and told Rockstar Newswire, "We, as a company, have always been about trying to make something that is good rather than hitting a date. We apologize when this gets frustrating but firmly believe that rushing out second-rate content does not do anyone any favors."

And promised new content in the form of Christmas gift, "Because we need a little time to get Heists right, we are going to give you a small Christmas gift to keep you entertained until we are done with them."

However, the company wants to keep details of the Holiday DLC as a surprise, it said, "We prefer to keep such things as a surprise, but without giving away any details (no peeking under the tree!), we can say that we do have a few seasonal treats in the works for players on all four systems to enjoy this coming holiday season in GTA Online."

Notwithstanding this, previous data mining via the source code of the game has revealed the Christmas-themed Cops and Crooks mission, a likely bonus mission for the holiday season, which is expected to be on Rockford Hills.

Apart from the above, players might also see a winter SFX too that might feature gradient-controlled snow. Similar leaks have also suggested a high-end apartment, which will be decorated for Christmas, new clothes, Christmas Lights, expensive car mod horns, Happy Holidays roof cover, fireworks launcher and other bonus items, reported Gameranx.