The moment it was announced that GTA 5's next gen versions will support a first person mode for the game, there was a growing enthusiasm as to what Rockstar was offering when it mixed GTA with some FPS love. However, we aren't complaining much about the result.

The first-person mode in Grand Theft Auto 5 is actually a door to a lot of possibilities that are waiting to be brought into the open. Sure we have played time and again our usual GTAs with the normal third-person view, but switching it to a first-person mode has got all of us excited as an eight-year old on Christmas morning.

However, while the game sits pretty on our consoles, waiting for it being played the way it's meant to be, with all the missions and side missions waiting, we know as well as you that when it's GTA, it's usually a norm to become a degenerate psychopath with immoral values of the highest order.

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GTA Online

Hence, keeping that sunny psychopathic side up, we have listed a few things that you shouldn't miss out on doing when you are playing GTA 5 with a first-person viewpoint. Mind you, imitating the same actions in real life might land you in the big house. 

Make Movies
While not much on the insane side, on an overall, but the fact that the game lets you make a movie within the game is just brilliant. And if you are feeling lucky, why not let those creative juices flow and make an 'insane' movie yourself. We are even hearing that the PC version of the game will come with a better version of the movie maker. If you still haven't figured out the movie maker inside the game, just get rid of the HUD in the radar and disarm your weapon, only to replace it with a video camera. Now you can shoot without landing in jail.

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Grand Theft Auto

Personally, this, or for that matter any form of extreme sports, is simply not for me. That's because it involves too much work. However, there was hardly a chance that we would let go of the experience via the new GTA game, and that too while being a couch potato at the same time. Great success! But if you are indeed in the first-person mode of GTA, you shouldn't be missing out on the fun of skydiving over Los Santos or Blaine County (or both).

Golf Course Rampage
This is where we officially erase the line that separates normal people from psychopaths. But if it's GTA, all is forgiven. A normal person playing GTA will head to the golf course to check out his hand in the in-game mini extracurricular stuff. We, on the other hand, will also check out the golf course. And when we feel bored, we shall also take swings at everyone around with a plethora of golf sticks that should resonate a perfect 'hole in one' in exchange of temporary pain and blood loss. Yes, we are twisted!

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Participating in Races
At first, we weren't too keen on the entire first-person racing scenario that was on offer for GTA 5. However, it didn't take us long to somehow get addicted to it. Not to mention the incredible power to flip people off while stuck to the wheels. The racing thing in the game strikes a close resemblance with NFS when switched to the in-car view, but with added bonus and the overall GTA feel to it. Grab a car (read: pull out some poor bloke off his ride and make it yours), look for the races happening in the city and try out your hand in a few. It's also a good way to earn some cash.

Doing Drugs/Getting High
While a few eyes might flinch on the very prospect that GTA 5 allows you to do drugs, but it actually does. And it sure is much better than lying somewhere wasted in real life. Sure the concept of doing drugs in the game is actually raising the bar for immorality, especially when videogames, time and again, have been blamed for shootings in school. But it's one of a kind experience that at least deserves a go.

There are lots of peyote plants scattered all across the open world of the newest GTA, and on eating them, you hallucinate. For that matter, you turn into a wee bird and can fly across the city. Sadly enough, it's only a bird that you can currently hallucinate yourself into.

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The Sticky Bomb Experience
Blow things up! Blow things up a lot. And the combination of sticky bombs with the first-person mode makes the experience tasty to say the least. We love how things blow up in the world. Be it an armoured car, a truck, some unfortunate NPCs and even animals. It's the overall intensity that drives us to blow things up again and again. There are a lot of guns that you will come across in the open world of the newest GTA, but none has the ability to offer you the same kind of joy compared to blowing things up in smithereens with an always-handy sticky bomb.

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Mindless Gunfights
Talking about sticky bombs and blowing things up, a good piece of hardware is always the need of the day of you have blood on your mind. Once you involve yourself in a gunfight while in the first-person mode, you will see the eerie resemblance it has with the Call of Duty and Battlefield experience. But with a fine spray of the GTA experience coated over it.