Director Milind Rau's Telugu movie Gruham, starring Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah, has received rave reviews from the film critics, who called it a terrific 'true blue horror film' and a must watch.

Gruham is the dubbed version of hit Tamil horror film Aval, which hit the screens across the globe on Novmber 3. The movie was to release in the cinema halls along with its original version, but it was postponed by two weeks due to delay in the censorship process.

Finally, Gruham has completed the formalities of the censor board and is gearing up for the release  on November 17. The makers of the film held a special screening for Telugu film critics this morning. Actor Siddharth, Milind Rau and few others from the film were present on the occasion.

The Telugu film critics are impressed with the engaging script of Gruham, brilliant performance of the lead actors and its rich production values. After watching the movie, some of them took to Twitter to share their review. Here are some of their verdicts.

Hemanth Kumar CR: Watching #Gruham, Telugu version of #Aval. First half....there's one scene where I screamed so much that I was actually embarrassed that I got that scared.... stunning!!! :-) #Gruham is damn good...a proper horror thriller after a long time...go watch it! #AnishaVictor is one of the best finds of the year. She is terrific in #Aval. The film is so well shot and narrated that I'm still cherishing the aftertaste ☺️ #Gruham the film is releasing on Nov 17. Watch it!

Suresh Kondi‏: Just completed #Gruham special premiere for Media.. Terrific is the word.. Team shares the experience.. Releasing this Friday. don't miss. Experienced a true-blue horror film after ages..Really got scared at some times.A Big shout out to @Actor_Siddharth,@Milind_Rau @ggirishh @Anishavictor,@sureshactor for an excellent attempt.. Kudos.Go and watch #Gruham. #Aval

Sangeetha Devi‏: #Gruham has been watched. Don't miss this one by @Actor_Siddharth @Milind_Rau & team. It's scary, yes. Beyond that, it's one well written & executed film. Review up later.

Rj Shiv: #gruham #Aval #TheHouseNextDoor is Engaging & spine chilling Horror @Actor_Siddharth story & performance is splendid @Anishavictor is awesome Director #MilindRau did finest job & Loved @andrea_jeremiah #Girish BGM is da soul of film. Do watch it This Friday

Swagat Das‏: The Best Horror Film I have ever watched... I had Goosebumps, i screamed... Thnks @Actor_Siddharth for giving such a wonderful movie... Hatsoff to the man who gave BGM... Full paisa wasool... 5/5 for me Go watch it u will love and scare too @THNDFilm

Sreenu Bangaram: #Gruham is a Perfect horror thriller where @Anishavictor, @Actor_Siddharth did a fabulous job @Milind_Rau Screenplay is interesting @atul_kulkarni @andrea_jeremiah give their best.. go watch it on 17th Nov Congrats @Viacom18Movies @Etaki_Entertain

Sravani Lakshmi‏: #Gruham is a terrific horror thriller where @Anishavictor, @Actor_Siddharth did a fab job.. @Milind_Rau Screenplay @atul_kulkarni @andrea_jeremiah give their best.. go watch it on 17th Nov!

Phani Kandukuri‏: #Gruham it's a 100% pure Horrer film wid superb performances from the lead.. and the technical values are jus brilliant.. @Actor_Siddharth @vamsikaka

Survi‏: The major highlight in any horror movie is the suspense and also the fun of being frightened as the things unfold. #Gruham contains a familiarity factor but very well executed. Sound design is the major HERO here. @Actor_Siddharth @Milind_Rau

Watch Gruham official trailer here

BNBA‏ (@BabuNuvuBtechAh): #Gruham a complete true horror film with fantastic technical brilliance from the team and super performances by @Actor_Siddharth and @Anishavictor as jennyWatch it.

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#Gruham Genuine Review Good Horror Movie after long time - 3.25/5 It scares you

Bhav‏ @Dr_bhavG

After a series of boring horror comedies #Aval is a really good horror movie experience...BGM is terrific @Actor_Siddharth #Gruham