In the upcoming episode of Fox's "The Grinder," titled "Exodus: Part 1", it seems that after months of tolerating Dean's presence, Stewart and Deb finally ask him to leave the house and move somewhere else.

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According to the synopsis by, Stewart and Deb inform Dean that his time with them is up and he needs to find another place to live in. Meanwhile, a rival firm wants Dean to come work for them and Deb's come to depend on Dean's former stand-in, who has been staying with the family.

Dean's popularity and methods of handling the client was infuriating Stewart and Deb for a long time, and once they realise they can't tolerate it anymore, they ask Dean to leave the house right away and find some other place.

Though Dean always knew the intention of his brother, it is surely going to leave him hurt and no matter whatever he feels for his family, he won't refuse their order.

However, things have become complicated as a rival firm somehow gets to know that Dean is not in very good conditions with his family and offers him a lucrative job. Now Dean is in a dilemma – on one side he has his family who do not want him and on the another, he gets to work with a good paid job and might manage to move into sitcom again.

Whether Dean will take the offer or refuse it for the sake of his family's reputation, will be seen only in the next episode that will air on Fox on 19 January.

In the previous episode titled "The Olyphant in the Room," Claire's relationship with Timothy Olyphant continued to prosper. However, it made Dean even more jealous and he tried to connect Timothy as culprit in a vandalism case even when Timothy had nothing to do with the crime.

Stewart was happy to find that a newspaper report had featured him. However, much to his anger, he discovered that the story was written mostly about Dean and he was just mentioned in a few lines.