Dean finds Olyphant (Rob Lowe) romancing Claire, but instead of getting upset, he finds it oddly satisfying in the upcoming episode of Fox's "The Grinder", titled "The Olyphant in the Room".

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According to the synopsis by, Dean spots Timothy Olyphant romancing Claire, and feels justified in trying to "win her back" by taking the lead on a case involving her friend, but he resorts to questionable tactics.

Meanwhile, Stewart is thrilled to be the subject of a reporter's feature story, but isn't so excited after Dean steps in and turns the focus on himself.

Even though Dean acts like he is not at all affected by the fact that Olyphant is trying to get into a relationship with Claire and Claire is positively responding back, undoubtedly he is not very happy with it as is quite obvious from his lack of attention and he is getting distracted often.

Besides, Stewart is getting more frustrated as no matter whatever he does to make a name for himself, Dean almost always gets involved in it, and it is making him more angry.

In the previous episode, titled "Grinders Rests in Peace", Cliff Bemis showed up in town wanting Dean to reprise his role as Mitch Grinder in the spin-off series "The Grinder: New Orleans", starring Timothy Olyphant as Mitch's brother Rake.

Dean was excited about coming back, only to later learn that he was being invited back to the show to be killed off.

Dean proposed a different storyline to Bemis, wherein Mitch started a new life in Key West.

Stewart was more than happy to help Dean look for loopholes in his TV contract, seeing this as an opportunity to get his brother out of the house and out of the law firm.