Grimm, the popular police procedural drama series, will be back on NBC with season 6 by January 2017, but a renewal for season 7 remains uncertain. 

The upcoming season will begin with a showdown between Nicholas Burkhardt a.k.a Nick and Captain Sean Renard. But it will primarily focus on his relationship with Adalind Schade and Juliette Silverton. 

As the viewers are eagerly waiting to find out what is next in store for their favourite characters, they are also curious to know if NBC will re-consider its decision and renew the show for season 7.

The show might have witnessed a decline in viewership during its fifth season, but it does not seem to have lost its fans mainly because it is known that there is an increase in the number of online petitions for its renewal.

The petitions were started immediately after NBC announced its decision to cancel Grimm after its upcoming sixth season and it garnered plenty of attention from people across the globe.

The petitioners have urged the network to reconsider their decision or any other network, such as Netflix or TNT, to pick up the show. While one of the petitions accumulated over 9,000 supporters, another petition received almost 7,000 signatures in less than a month's time. Yet, the representatives of NBC and the creators of Grimm are tight-lipped about a renewal of the show.

Meanwhile, there are several speculations doing the rounds that the network might re-consider their decision or plan for a spin-off series. The reason for the recent buzz is said to be the revelation of NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt that Grimm is a big international success for the company.

"We like Grimm and it's actually a big international success for our company. I think the numbers have gone down a little bit. But there are some really great ideas for future shows," said Greenblatt while interacting with the reporters earlier this year, according to The Oregonian.

So the followers of Grimm can hope for a new season or a spin-off series, but they will have to wait for an official confirmation from the network.