Popular police procedural drama "Grimm" will be back on NBC with its sixth season by January 2017 and it will primarily focus on the various challenges faced by protagonist Nicholas Burkhardt a.k.a Nick.

The character of David Giuntoli has gone through many ups and downs in season 5 of the fantasy series and his fans are eager to find out what's coming up for him in season 6. So, there were several speculations doing the rounds on his relationship with former girlfriend Juliette Silverton and the impact of his ultimate showdown with Captain Sean Renard.

While actress Bitsie Tulloch teased that Nick will probably end up with Adalind Schade, Giuntoli hinted at troubled moments for his character in the premiere episode of "Grimm" season 6.

"I would imagine the first scene in Season 6 will be a real melee with Nick and Renard. Of course, Renard is the one with the sword," TV Insider quoted the 36-year-old actor as saying.

Meanwhile, there is an increase in number of petitions by Grimmsters against NBC's decision to cancel the show after its upcoming season 6. The fans are urging for a renewal of their favourite fantasy drama series.

An admirer of the show, monikered as Grimmster Family, filed a petition on Care2petitions asking NBC to reconsider their decision or any other network to pick up the series.

"Grimm fans want at least a season 7. We, the fans from all over the globe, are not ready to say goodbye. We are not ready to give up on the cast who have shared over five years of their lives with us . We are not ready... So, together we will fight and show you how much WE LOVE GRIMM!" stated the petitioner.

As of now, the petition, titled "save our show! Grimm", has been signed by more than eight thousand people and it is expected to across nine thousand after which it will be sent to NBC.