Alliances are shifting and the beginning of the season in incredibly intense, says Claire Coffee.Twitter/Bitsie Tulloch

Ever since Grimm wrapped up its fifth season, the team has been updating their fans with new details about Season 6. But they are tight-lipped about the show cancellation and Season 7 renewal.

Recently, actress Bitsie Tulloch posted a screen-shot of the script page through her Twitter handle which reveals a few details about the sixth episode of Grimm Season 6.

The 35-year-old cast member revealed that it will be the 116th episode of the popular police procedural drama series. According to her, the sequel is written by Kyle McVey and directed by Julie Herlocker. It is titled Breakfast in Bed.

Apart from the sixth episode, the details of first four episodes have also been shared through Twitter. While the season premiere is titled Fugitive, episode 2 is captioned Trust Me Knot. For the third and fourth episodes, it's Oh Captain, My Captain and El Cuegle.

Earlier this month, Tulloch even posted a set photo of herself with the caption: 'I flew at work today'. Meanwhile, executive producer Todd Milliner teased his followers by tweeting that Grimm Season 6 episode 3 will be full of secrets.

"Just watched the studio cut of episode 603 and there are so many great secrets I want to tell, but can't with so few characters so," he wrote.

NBC will premiere the sixth season of Grimm in January 2017 and the fans are still waiting for a positive nod from the network. They have even urged other networks, such as TNT, Netflix, EW and ET, to pick up the series and save it.

"DAILY CALL TO ACTION: This show is too charged to die NOW! #Grimm Army tell NBC, TNT, Netflix, EW & ET to #SaveGrimm," tweeted one of the admirers on a Grimm fan page.

Additionally, there is also an increase in the number of online petitions filed by the followers of the popular police procedural drama series.