Grimmsters continue to urge NBC for the renewal of Grimm.Facebook/Grimm

Grimm lead cast Bitsis Tulloch has teased her fans with a new set photo of Nicholas Burkhardt a.k.a Nick and Juliette Silverton a.k.a Eve in season 6 through her Instagram page.

The image, titled First ADR session for @nbcgrimm Season 6, features the two protagonist in the tunnel hiding from someone or searching something with the help of a torch light.

When one of her followers asked if it shows a reunion of the couple, the actress replied, "It's when the sound wasn't very good during filming and so we have to go into a sound booth and re-record our lines to match our character saying it."

Since the finale of season 5 hinted at the return of Juliette and the creators indicated the possibilities of Nick-Juliette romance, the fans can except a reunion of the male protagonist and his former girlfriend in the upcoming sixth season.

While Jim Kouf revealed that there will be unintended consequences for the use of the stick, David Greenwalt said, "We'll have to see what happens with the Eve side of her personality and now having all these feelings, which is going to include a lot of guilt. It'll be complex."

So it remains to be seen where the NBC supernatural drama series will take the love triangle between the detective, his former girlfriend and Adalind Schade.

Meanwhile, the hardcore fans of Grimm known as Grimmsters continue to urge NBC for the renewal of their favourite program. They have filed several petitions on various online sites demanding an extension of the series.

Some of the petitions are titled Save Our Show! Grimm, Grimm please extend season 6 and renew for season 7, Have Netflix pick up the show Grimm after Season 6, #Save Grimm, Keep It Going After Season 6 and We Want Our Grimm TV!

As of now, the supernatural series will premiere its sixth and final season in January 2017. NBC is yet to make an official announcement regarding the renewal of the show for season 7.

Check out the set photo of Nick and Juliette in season 6 below:

First ADR session for @nbcgrimm Season 6 ? #bts

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