Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe in NBC supernatural series Grimm.Facebook/Grimm

Grimm writers recently made their Twitter followers panic over the health condition of cast member Silas Weir Mitchell, who portrays Monroe in the supernatural series.

Through their official social media account, the writers stated that the actor is sick and they need the Monroe box since they cannot lose out a day of shooting.

"Silas is sick today. We can't lose a day of shooting. Go get the Monroe box," read the tweet.

Later on, the writers revealed that the 47-year-old actor of Prison Break fame is perfectly fine and wrote, "Silas is fine, hale & hearty. We were just making a joke caption to go with this photo from Production of the character's box of prostheses."

The tweet made many of the Grimm fans furious and they demanded an explanation from the writers through the comments section.

The messages ranged from, "It's not as funny when you have to explain that" to "Maybe he is sick & tired of his job he'll peal off his face or sick & tired about the show ending its kill or be killed."

As a response to the angry admirers of Monroe, the Grimm writers wrote, "We know, but some people seemed concerned for the man when they should really be concerned about what we're going to do to the character."

Meanwhile, cast member Claire Coffee warned her followers that the premiere episode of Grimm season 6 will be incredibly intense.

"Alliances are shifting, for sure. I think the beginning of the season is incredibly intense. Usually we take a season to work toward the insanity and that level of tension, but we're starting with it this season. It's not letting up. There's not a lot of breathing room so far," Claire Coffee was quoted as saying by Showbizjunkies.

The actress even stated that the season will continue to deal with the love triangle between Nick Burkhardt, Juliette Silverton and Adalind Schade. However, she refused to spill out further details on it.

Grimm will premiere its sixth season in January 2017 and the first episode is titled Fugitive.