Grey's Anatomy Season 13 will premiere on Sept. 22 and will pick up immediately after the events of the Season 12 finale that saw Justin Chambers' character Alex Karev beating Andrew DeLuca to a pulp. This is going to land Alex in a legal trouble and chances are that he might even be dismissed from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Previewing what's in store for Alex and Giacomo Gianniotti, actress Kelly McCreary, who played the latter's on-screen love interest Maggie in the previous season, revealed that this incident will see a lot of doctors taking sides.

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"The last thing that we saw was Alex beating the crap out of DeLuca. That are some serious repercussions ... in the relationship between the doctors in the hospital, having to reckon with the notion that one of their own could have been so violent," she told TVGuide.

"There's a pretty intense fallout from that impulsive behaviour from Karev. It causes some friction among the doctors. There's definitely sides being taken," she added.

Most of the premiere will see the doctors trying to save DeLuca, whose life seems to be hanging by a thread. It remains to be seen whether he survives the assault. "Because DeLuca's badly injured, there's an immediate medical emergency. Taking care of him sort of takes centre stage," McCreary said.

On top of that, Alex's relationship with Jo may have ended for good. The previous season saw her admitting to being married to someone else and revealing that Jo wasn't her real name. Alex might not be able to put all these untruths behind him and renew his relationship with her.

Grey's Anatomy will air Thursdays on ABC. The Season 13 premiere is titled Undo and will also touch upon April and Jackson's new baby.