Grey's Anatomy
Pictured: The poster for Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy.Facebook/Grey's Anatomy

There has not been a major death on Grey's Anatomy ever since Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd was killed off in Season 11 of the medical drama. But rumours swirling around indicate that one doctor may soon have to bid adieu to Grey Sloan due to a tragedy.

While it is yet to be confirmed if there will indeed be a death angle, this rumoured gained momentum when TVLine's Michael Ausiello revealed that Grey's is planning an episode that will be set onboard a commercial aircraft, and there will indeed be a crisis.

As viewers of Grey's Anatomy know, Lexie as well as Mark Sloan died following a plane crash in Season 8.

Here's what Ausiello said about the episode that is in production: "It's not clear which of the docs will be on the manifest when said emergency erupts, but given Callie and Arizona's shared, bi-coastal custody arrangement with Sofia, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring Ramirez back for a kickass standalone episode. Sadly, a source close to the actress tells me there are no current plans for her to return. Still, sounds like it'll be a cool, emotionally fraught episode, especially considering what went down four years ago."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. Next week's episode will see Richard, Owen, Meredith and Stephanie working on a case that will bring back pivotal memories of them. Viewers will also get to see Meredith's children in this episode titled The Room Where it Happens.