Patrick Dempsey, who recently quit ABC's medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" after 11 seasons, is close to finalising a new project.

The actor, whose Derek Shepherd was one of the most loved characters on "Grey's Anatomy", is currently in talks to join "Bridget Jones's Baby", the sequel to "Bridget Jones's Diary", reported Deadline.

Dempsey's last feature film was "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" in 2011.

The movie will see Bridget unexpectedly pregnant. However, the story will not be based on Bridget Jones creator Helen Fielding's latest novel "Mad About The Boy."

At this point, additional plot details are being kept under wraps, but it is believed that Dempsey will be playing a pivotal role similar to what Hugh Grant played in the previous two instalments.

As for "Grey's Anatomy", season 12 of the medical drama will focus on Ellen Pompeo's Meredith and how she deals with the death of her husband, Derek.

Fans are still apprehensive about the future of the show without Dempsey, and more than 108,000 fans have signed a petition on urging showrunner Shonda Rhimes to bring back Dempsey's character.

This has not gone down well with "Grey's" leading lady Pompeo, who said she was offended that fans think the show cannot move forward without Derek, who has been on the show since season 1.

"Let's keep it really real for a second and say this is really difficult for my ego," Pompeo told Entertainment Weekly. "It's okay! We all have one!"

Referring to the characters Viola Davis and Kerry Washington in "How to Get Away with Murder" and "Scandal", Pompeo said: "It's like, Annalise Keating carries the show, Olivia Pope carries the show. But somehow, Meredith Grey needs someone. Why can't I just be the lead of the show the way Annalise and Olivia can? Why can't I be on that poster by myself?"

"Grey's Anatomy" will return to ABC on 24 September.