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The mid-season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" ended with multiple cliffhangers that saw most of its main characters at crossroads.

For instance, Jackson finally overheard Stephanie talking to Dr Herman about the fate of his baby, and the constant fights between Meredith and Derek finally resulted in him accepting the President's job offer in Washington.

But all was not gloom and doom in the mid-season finale. The episode titled "Risk" also saw Meredith and Maggie cooling off, Maggie expressing a desire to get to know her biological father, Richard Webber, and Amelia informed Arizona that Dr Herman can be cured.

Even though there is a long way to go before the second half of the season airs -- the show will return on 29 January 2015 -- spoilers have started doing the rounds, and it hints at the introduction of a new character named Travis.

According to TVLine's Michael Ausiello, Travis is a 30-something man who is attractive and good-humoured. He will make the believable transition "to a woman over time, and rumor has it the newbie will form a strong bond with a Grey Sloan staffer whose identity will remain unknown." And because the transgender plot is still in its nascent stage, possibility is high that the story could change as well, Ausiello warns.

Meanwhile Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd on the show, revealed that Jackson and April's baby will resonate with the neurosurgeon's backstory.

"I'm a fan of the show too so I'm just so excited to see it return!" Scorsone told E!Online. "I can't wait to see how all the particular stories unfold. But I am—well, I don't want to say excited, because that's not the right word—I'm drawn into Kepner and Avery's baby story in part because it resonates so deeply in Amelia's backstory. She had a really difficult journey with her baby. It will be incredibly interesting to see how their story plays out."

The mid-season premiere will be followed by an episode titled "The Bed's Too Big Without You," which will be directed by Chandra Wilson. This episode will air on 5 February.