In a shocking incident that took place in Karimnagar district, a woman of Veenavanka village sold her one-month-old granddaughter. She sold the child for Rs 1.1 lakh as she had some debts and she had to clear them.

The incident came to light on Friday, which is four days after she sold off the child. The girl's grandfather Mothe Yadagiri informed the police about the incident. The baby's mother Jamalpur Padma stated that her mother M. Kanakamma got her drunk and made her sign the papers approving the deal in an inebriated state.

Baby girl sold in Karimnagar

Kanakamma sold the baby to a family belonging to Gumpala village of Odelu mandal in Peddapalli district. Padma stated that she had been married for about 10 years and had two children with her husband. She later moved out of the family after she fell in love with another man named Ramesh, owner of a mutton shop, who lived in the same village. Ramesh and Padma moved to Hyderabad later.

Padma gave birth to a baby girl a month ago and the couple celebrated the 21st day of the girl's birth with his family. They had a fight a week back and Padma went to her mother's house in Veenavanka. Kanakamma had been staying separately from her husband at that time.

Kanakamma tried to strike a deal for Rs 2 lakh

It was also reported that Kanakamma tried to strike a deal for Rs 2 lakh but the middlemen refused. She had to settle down for Rs 1.1 lakh.

According to Police statements, Kanakamma persuaded Padma to sell the child and took her signatures on the deal papers after getting Padma drunk.

Yadagiri was totally against Padma's marriage to Ramesh. He was aware of the girl's birth and when he did not see his daughter with her child, he became suspicious. Yadagiri immediately informed the police about what he saw. The Police then, along with officials from Child and Women Welfare Department, went to the village and investigated the whole matter and it was then that the truth came out.

The Police has registered a case and investigations are on into the matter.