The makers of 'Rajjo', Bits and Bots Media will officially release their show on 22nd August, 2022. 

The highly anticipated show 'Rajjo' is a re-imagination of Jalsha's top show Aalta Phoring – about a girl from a village who is great at athletics.


Since the lead character of the show is from Uttarakhand and is shown to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva, the makers Bits and Bots Media are organizing a grand launch event going by the theme.

The cast of the show including the lead female protagonist Celesti Bairagey along with Rajveer Singh, Pakkhi Hegde, Gungun Uprari, Aayushi Bhave Tilak and Siddharth Vasudev will be present for the maha pooja.

A still from RajjoPR Handout

Celesti Bairagey informs, "It's a great story, high on human emotions and drama. We are launching the show with the blessings of the almighty in this auspicious month, and are super excited...We hope the audience will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it. "

'Rajjo' will be launched on Star Plus on 22nd August 2022 at 7 pm IST.