Govinda marries for third time on Kapil Sharma Show
Govinda marries for third time on Kapil Sharma Show.Video screengrab

Govinda along with his wife Sunita Ahuja and daughter Tina Ahuja recently appeared on Kapil Sharma Show to promote Gajendra Verma's latest song video that features the star kid. Amidst all the fun on the show, the veteran actor married his wife for the third time.

Although it may sound weird, Govinda actually married his wife Sunita on Kapil Sharma Show, and it happens to be the third time that he tied the knot with the same lady.

During an interaction session, host Kapil Sharma asked Govinda the reason behind him marrying Sunita for the second time after 25 years of their marriage. The veteran actor not only confirmed it to be true, he also revealed the reason.

He said that he has always done whatever his mother asked him to do, and it was his mother who wanted Govinda to marry his wife again at the age of 49.

"My decisions were never mine in my life. Whatever my mother used to tell me, I used to do that. So she told me that I can marry at the age of 49, and till then in will have to be in 'Gandharva' marriage. I asked her what this 'Gandharva' marriage is. She told me that elderly members of the family will be with me who would be witness to the marriage. So, I married again with full rituals at the age of 49. This is how it was allowed, and so, it happened due to my mom. This was not my thinking, it was mummy's blessing," Govinda said on the show.

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja on Kapil Sharma Show
Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja on Kapil Sharma Show.Video screengrab

While this was an interesting story to hear from the senior actor, another unusual thing happened on the show after his wife Sunita appeared on the stage. When talking about the two-time marriage incident, Sunita told Kapil 'how about doing it for the third time?' and asked him if there is sindoor in the house.

The host immediately arranged for it, and Govinda performed the ritual for the third time, saying that this is his third marriage with Sunita.